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Science and sound resource management depend on accurate and timely environmental data. Smart Forests is an initiative to bring together instrumented sites within the USDA Forest Service Experimental Forests and Ranges network, and additional sites within the Northeast region of the US. These sites have invested in digital environmental sensor and telecommunications capacity to create the Smart Forests Network, and provide a foundation of data for integrated research and monitoring efforts.


Smart Forests Highlights

A buoy in Lake Sunapee

Tropical Storm Irene

Here we document the regional effects of Tropical Cyclone Irene on thermal structure and ecosystem metabolism in nine lakes and reservoirs in northeastern North America using a network of high-frequency, in situ, automated sensors.

Birdsong Monitoring

Researchers at the HJ Andrews Experimental Forest in Oregon have created a new computer technology to listen to multiple bird sounds at one time, to identify which species are present and how they may be changing as a result of habitat loss or climate change.