Scientists Toolbox

Sensor NIS Toolbox:
The Forest Service is collaborating with the National Science Foundation in the SensorNIS Working Group. A key product of this working group is to provide a 'Tool Box' to researchers deploying, or wishing to deploy, environmental sensors and/or wireless sensor networks. Towards this end, the following site is being constructed as a 'go to' page for all aspects of sensor data and their life cycle from collection to availability and analysis.
SensorNIS Toolbox:

GCE Toolbox:
The GCE Data Toolbox is a comprehensive software framework for metadata-based analysis, quality control, transformation and management of ecological data sets. The toolbox is a free add-on library to the MATLABĀ® technical computing language, based on a MATLAB data model for storing tabular data along with all information required to interpret the data and generate formatted metadata (documentation). The various metadata fields in the structure are queried by toolbox functions for all operations, allowing functions to process and format values appropriately based on the type of information they represent. This 'semantic processing' approach supports highly automated and intelligent data analysis and ensures data set validity throughout all processing steps.
GCE Toolbox: